Mini camera S80  (ID: MC86)

Warranty 12 Months.

ID: MC86


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Mini camera S80

Mini camera S80  (ID: MC86)


With this camera, you can record audio video in AVI format with M-JPEG compression. The video resolution is 1920x1080 pixels and 30 frames per second.

The camera has a wide-angle lens, with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, which allows you to cover most of the room, even if the camera is put closer.

You can use the six infrared LEDs to shoot in the dark. The diodes are switched on and off with a button.

The device also has a software motion detector, which can also be switched on and off by moving the button.

The records are stored on a microSD card. You can put up to 32 GB in the slot.

The camera has a rechargeable battery that allows about 180 minutes of continuous recording. You can also record while it is on for charging, allowing longer recording.

In the kit you will find a waterproof casing and a variety of gadgets for mounting.