Mini IP camera   (ID: IP81)

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ID: IP81
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Mini IP camera

Mini IP camera   (ID: IP81)


The camera is with small size and has a rechargeable battery, which made it quick and easy to mount.

With the free V380 mobile app, you can conveniently control all the features of your device. In the microSD card slot, you can insert memory up to 32GB and record locally to it.

The camera allows you to make audio video files in mp4 format and the available resolutions to choose between are HD 1280x720 or SD 640x480 pixels. There’s also the possibility to take photos only in JPEG format with the same two resolutions.

To be able to take pictures in the dark, there have infrared diodes for night vision. You can turn them off or let them work automatically from the mobile app.

You can watch the camera both in p2p mode, on your internal network and remotely over the Internet. All you have to do is connect the device to your home router.

You can view the files stored on the card through the mobile application.

If you do not want to be limited by the capacity of the battery you can plug the camera into the 5V DC adapter and have continuous monitoring of the desired room.

Size: diameter 57 mm, height 33 mm.

Mini IP camera

video Mini IP camera

Download the application V380 or V380S from Google play.

After plugging the camera into power, you will hear a signal that it is on and the lens will make a full turn for the test.

Press the black button for restart, which is located next to the power socket, for 10 seconds, and then launch the app on your phone to search for the camera.

After starting the app, choose"Local login"

After that choose "WIFI Smart-Link"

You must fill in the user and password of your router to be able to connect the camera with Internet.

The next step is to connect the application wit your camera.

After that it will show that the camera is already connected. If you wish to watch it, press on the video.

Now you'll be able to watch and control the camera from your phone.