Pocket camera  (ID: HD180)

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Warranty 12 Months.

ID: HD180
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Pocket camera

Pocket camera  (ID: HD180)


With your pocket camera, you'll have video and audio of your meetings. The device records a file in mp4 format, with video resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and 30 frames per second.
The built-in rechargeable. The camera can also record while it’s charging, so you can have a longer recording.
Apart from the video, you can take pictures only as well. Just by pressing a button, a series of 3 JPEG format images are made with resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.
The files are stored on a microSD card. You can put up to 32GB in the device slot. You can see the recordings by plugging the camera into your computer. It will recognize it as external memory and you can view, copy or delete files.
Size: 120х25х16 mm.
Weight 37 gr
1. Charge the camera for at least 5 hours. Insert a microSD card into the slot.
2. Turn on. Press and hold the top button for about 3 seconds. The camera will vibrate once, which means it’s in standby mode.
3. Video. From standby, press the top button again. The device will vibrate twice, which is an indication of the start of recording. To stop, press the button again. The camera will vibrate once, the recording will be stopped and stored on the card.
4. Images. From standby, briefly press F button. After two vibrations, you will have three consecutive JPEG frames. CAUTION: If you hold down the F button for a longer time, the card will be formatted.
5. Reset. To reset the camera, press and hold R button.
6. Turn off. Press and hold the top button. After vibration, the camera turns off.