Pen-audio recorder, without voice activation  (ID: D125)

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Warranty 12 Months.

ID: D125
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Pen-audio recorder, without voice activation

Pen-audio recorder, without voice activation  (ID: D125)


With the pen, you can record the conversations you want easily and seamlessly.

Starting and stopping the recording is done only by pressing the button at the top of the pen. The first push starts the recording, the second stops it and the file is saved. The pen has 8GB of internal memory.

The recordings are in 192 kbps WAV format.

The kit has a headset that you can use to listen to the recordings you have made immediately. The pen also plays MP3, so it can be used as an MP3 player.

If you connect it to your computer with a charging cable, you can transfer, copy, or delete the recordings you made. The device is automatically recognized by the computer as portable memory without the need for driver installation.