Audio Recorder in a Power Bank  (ID: D130)

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ID: D130
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Audio Recorder in a Power Bank

Audio Recorder in a Power Bank  (ID: D130)


In a Power Bank imitation device is included anoher device that you can use to record audio or as an MP3 player.

If you want to listen to music, you need to pre-record it on the 8GB internal memory. The files formats should be MP3, WAV or WMA. By plugging in the included headset, you can enjoy your music.

If you want to secretly record audio you can use the other feature of this device. With the headphones removed, just turn the ON button and the recording begins. You can make about 8 hours of recording with the rechargeable battery. The files are in 192 kbps WAV format. Once you stop recording, you can immediately listen to the recording if you plug in the headset.

When you plug the recorder into a computer, it will recognize it as portable memory and you will be able to copy and delete the created recordings.