Endoscope with reel   (Número: E39)

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Endoscope with reel

Endoscope with reel   (Número: E39)


The flexible metal tube of the endoscope can be conveniently wound on the reel of the handle. This way you have very compact inspection tool.

The metal tube is 90 cm long, at the end of which is mounted a camera with a diameter of 4.8 mm. The length of the metal casing is 50 mm.

The length of the handle with the reel is 83 mm and the cable for connection to the computer is 2 m., ending with a USB socket.

Inspection of dark spaces is easier thanks to the six white diodes whose power is adjustable.

The viewing angle is 66 degrees and the focal length is 5 to 15 mm.

The sensor is 1/5"  CMOS, with maximum resolution of 1600x1200.


Endoscope with reel

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