5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver kit  (ID: BC37)

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5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver kit

5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver kit  (ID: BC37)


This wireless 5.8 GHz transmitter can transmit AV signal from CCTV cameras. You can mount the camera and transmitter in different places and at a distance from one another and thus maximize good disguise. There are 8 channels of broadcast and using less congested frequency band of 5.8 GHz you can get very good picture quality and sound.
Wireless receiver kit also has a small footprint, easy installation. With the included cable, you can watch live TV signal or combine with one of our DVR to record it.


5.8GHz Transmitter AV-in FM transmitter
Size - 55 × 26 × 17 mm
Power - 12V 150mA
PLL stabilization
Weight - 30 g with antenna

Receiver Frequency Range - 5725-5865MHz; 8 channels
Antenna SMA (pin)
Power - 12V, 150mA
Size 61 * 52 * 13mm


CH1: 5705 MHz
CH2: 5685 MHz
CH3: 5665 MHz
CH4 : 5645 MHz
CH5: 5885 MHz
CH6: 5905 MHz
CH7: 5925 MHz
CH8: 5945 MHz

< br /> Cable 5PIN:

Red - power +12 V

Black - GND

Yellow - Video

White - Audio 6.0MHZ

Green - Audio 6.5MHZ

Cable 2PIN:

Red - Power Supply +12 V

Black - GND