Video peephole  (ID: VD23)

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ID: VD23
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Video peephole

Video peephole  (ID: VD23)


The peephole is easy to operate and easy to install. It is mounted on the door, directly in place of the standard peephole. The camera has a button for ringing and night vision diodes. On the inside of the door you have a 3.2" color display.
Anyone who rings your door will be saved in the device's memory. You can choose to take photos or videos. The photos are in JPEG format with a resolution of 1280x960 or 1280x720 pixels, and the video is in AVI format with resolution of 1280x720, without sound. For video you can select the recording time of 3, 5 or 10 seconds.
In the peephole slot you can insert a microSD card up to 32GB, from which, by inserting it into your computer, you can copy the recordings. You can also use the device's color display for quick viewing.
It works with 4pcs AA batteries.

Remove the inside cover and insert four AA batteries and a microSD card into the slot above the display.
Press the middle button to light up the screen, then use the left arrow to go to the System Setting menu. Confirm your choice with OK. From the menus, set up:
1. Night Light – turn on and off diodes for night vision.
2. Mute – turns on silent mode (no sound is heard when the button is pressed).
3. Date/Time – set up date and hour.
4. Themes – select between four backgrounds.
5. Language – language of the menu.
6. Recording Mode – selection of recording type (images in two different resolutions or video with different duration).
7. Recording Timestamp – choose whether to put hour and date on the recording.
8. Backlight Time – duration of display illumination.
9. Format SD card – deletes all the information on the card.
10. Restore Factory Settings – restore the default settings.
To watch the recordings from the peephole press the middle button, then the OK button and confirm with OK on the Visitor Records menu. The recordings are sorted by date. Navigate to the respective folder and select the recording you want to watch with OK. If you want to delete it, hold down the OK button on it.