Video register with 2.7" display   (ID: MC63)

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ID: MC63
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Video register with 2.7

Video register with 2.7" display   (ID: MC63)


Video register with 2.7 "display

With this small video register you get the ability to record everything that happens on your journeys. It works while plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet of the car, so there is no chance for its battery to deplete. This model has several video resolutions - 1080p, 720p or VGA. You can save your journey in still images, their resolution is - 3, 2, 1.3MR or VGA.

The camera has an option to take whole videos or they can be split into pieces - 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 min. each. Another feature of the model is that if you capture video and you do not want the camera to record conversations or any other background noises that might spoil the recording you can disable the audio of the clip.

The kit includes a suction mount, power cable from a cigarette lighter and USB cables.

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Video register with 2.7" display

video Video register with 2.7" display