Stereo voice recorder   (ID: D144)

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ID: D144
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Stereo voice recorder

Stereo voice recorder   (ID: D144)


If you need a device that records quality audio, then this is the most appropriate voice recorder. It has a stereo microphone and 8GB of internal memory. There is noise reduction, which guarantees high sound quality.
You can choose from four recording formats - MP3 with 128 kbps and 8 kbps or WAV with 1536 kbps and 256 kbps. On the internal memory, you can store about 12 hours at maximum recording quality and 2200 hours at minimum.
The built-in rechargeable battery allows about 11 hours of recording time, with a charge level indicator and automatic recording storage when there's no more battery. You can also make recordings when the recorder is plugged into the charger, so you have a longer recording time.
You can listen to the recordings through the built-in stereo speakers or use the headphones included in the package.
With the included cable, you can directly transfer the recordings to your mobile device.
Size: 98х21х14 mm.
Weight: 54 g.

Stereo voice recorder

video Stereo voice recorder

1. Plug the recorder into a 5V DC charger and leave it on for at least 6 hours.. 2. Turn the left button up, to ON position. 3. To start recording, right-click on Rec. 4. The recording is stopped by switching the right button to STOP. 5. To turn off the recorder, slide the left button to the OFF position.