Listening device with alarm   (ID: B31)

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ID: B31
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Listening device with alarm

Listening device with alarm   (ID: B31)


Increasingly, various technical tools are made with a variety of options and features to satisfy the greatest demands. This applies to various listening devices as well. For example one that besides giving you information about the calls, it can also inform you about intrusion into your home. The listening device has two sensors that by SMS can be controlled remotely. When the voice sensor detects sound higher than 65 dB, it will dial your number or send you SMS.
In the same way you activate the device if you separate it from its magnetic sensor. You can separate the two parts and put them in different places in your home - for example the door frame and the door itself. At the moment when the two parts are separated, though it should not have such a separation, the device will produce a signal. For easy attachment there is a double sided adhesive tape.
If you put the listening device on a moving object, you can receive a link to its location, using the aGPS system.

Listening device with alarm

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