Miniature tracker and GSM listening device  (ID: GPS20)

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Warranty 12 Months.

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Miniature tracker and GSM listening device

Miniature tracker and GSM listening device  (ID: GPS20)


The tracker works with micro SIM card.

the extremely small size 40x34x14 mm and the light weight - 27g make this tracker the preferred device for monitoring while remaining completely unnoticed. In addition, it gives you the current position, the tracker will allow you to hear everything that happens around it.
The device may be used even not for spy activities. With it, you can have two-way communication. Extremely useful to communicate with your children. There are two buttons that can be programmed to dial a phone number and a panic button that sends SOS signal to the two phones. Thus, apart from the telephone functionality, you will also know at all times where your child is.
The tracker can send location information in two ways - by SMS or via GPRS. In the second case, you must have activated the mobile Internet and enter the APN settings of your service provider. If you want to follow this way the location of the tracker will need to have an Internet platform to which to send data.
Battery gives approximate operating time 50 hours, if you are sending data over GPRS every 10 minutes. The device sends an automatic message when the battery is depleted to 90%.